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School and college workforce

SCORE's vision is for every student to be taught by high quality teachers of the sciences with expertise in the subject area they teach, and for teachers to be supported by high quality technicians and teaching assistants.

SCORE believes that shortages in chemistry and physics teachers in England must be addressed if students are to receive a fully rounded science education and have the opportunity to progress in the sciences.

SCORE is also committed to ensuring that a system of comprehensive Initial Teacher Training, Subject Knowledge Enhancement and Continuous Professional Development allows graduates and teachers to maintain the best possible standard of subject knowledge and teaching practice.


See the consultations and correspondence pages for SCORE's most recent statements on recruitment.

Initial Teacher Education

In January 2015 SCORE published a set of principles for routes into teaching the sciences at secondary level. This document showcases SCORE's beliefs on the purpose of initial teacher education, the support trainee teachers should receive and the measures which should be put in place to ensure courses are of high quality.

In 2010 SCORE commissioned a scoping survey to conduct research into the disproportionate number of biology-related students entering teacher training at that time. Read more about the survey here.

In addition to project work, SCORE has responded to several consultations and policy changes related to ITT in the past.

See the consultations and correspondence pages for SCORE's most recent statements on ITE.

Subject specialism

In 2011 SCORE conducted a research project that considered the imbalance of subject specialist teachers in the sciences in maintained sector schools. Read about the work undertaken in that project here.

Read the final report:

Subject specialist teaching in the sciences: definitions, targets and data