This website is no longer being updated, but all our publications and documents are still available to read. Please visit our own websites for up-to-date news about our science education policy activities.

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Qualifications and assessment

SCORE is working to ensure that the science and science education community are appropriately engaged in the development of qualifications and assessment in the sciences. By commissioning research and using existing evidence, SCORE aims to support the development of qualifications and assessments that are fit for purpose and that meet the needs of learners, employers and society.

Key Stage 4

The organisations that constitute SCORE have collaborated to produce a document setting out guidelines for qualification content and assessment at Key Stage 4. The document's main purpose is to help awarding organisations to develop specifications and assessments in the sciences that are challenging, useful, appropriate and engaging.   

The SCORE guidelines cover the following areas: choosing content in the specifications; assessment; thinking and working scientifically and big ideas across the sciences. Download the Key Stage 4 guidelines.

Principles for the assessment of practical work

SCORE has published a document in which the SCORE principles for the development of effective assessment schemes for practical work in the sciences are explained.

Download the SCORE principles for the assessment of practical work

A-level reform

SCORE has been working with a number of stakeholders to inform its response to the Ofqual consultation on A-level reform.

Mathematics in science

Biology, chemistry and physics all require analytical understanding. SCORE is investigating the use and type of mathematics in the teaching and assessment of science at 14-19. 

GCSE Science examinations

GCSE science examinations assess students' understanding of science at 16. SCORE has been reviewing recent examination papers to gain awareness of issues in assessment at the end of Key Stage 4.

How Science Works

Understanding How Science Works is a component of the science curriculum. SCORE has been investigating how the knowledge and application of this aspect of the curriculum is currently assessed.

Grading severity

SCORE partners aim to encourage a transparent approach to the relative difficulties, or grading severity, of different subjects at A-level.

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