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Date                       Action
January 2011 Review launched
January 2011 Call for Evidence (phase one) begins
April 2011 Call for Evidence (phase one) ends (14 April)
Summer 2011 Consultation events held with stakeholders
December 2012 DfE publishes report from Expert Panel, a summary of evidence from high-performing jurisdictions, a research report looking at subject breadth, and a summary of the responses to the Call for Evidence. Revised timetable also announced, with all new curricula now due to be introduced in 2014. 
June 2012 DfE publishes letter from Secretary of State to Tim Oates, Chair of the Expert Panel, as well as draft primary curricula for English, mathematics and science.
Autumn 2012 National curriculum documents for other subjects to be made available
Early 2013 Public consultation on new national curriculum  
September 2013 New Programmes of Study for all subjects included in the new National Curriculum are made available to schools
September 2014 Teaching of the new Programmes of Study for all  subjects to be included in the National Curriculum becomes statutory