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National Curriculum Review

The issue

In January 2011 the Secretary of State for Education announced a Review of the National Curriculum in England, with the aim of giving teachers greater freedom to organise and teach the curriculum, and providing a benchmark for all schools of a curriculum that compares favourably with international comparisons, setting rigorous requirements, but also providing the skills and knowledge needed by pupils for progression and their future lives.

Policy advice

SCORE welcomed the Review of the National Curriculum, feeling that it offered a valuable opportunity to examine the content and structure of the science curriculum to ensure it was still fit for purpose. SCORE has contributed to the Review in several ways:

  • a response was submitted to the Call for Evidence in April 2011;
  • SCORE was invited to take part in an informal consultation of the draft Programmes of Study in July 2012, and submitted a report and appendices from individual SCORE organisations;
  • SCORE also wrote to the Secretary of State in June 2012 outlining some concerns with the process being used for the National Curriculum Review.


SCORE has carried out a range of activities to help inform their response to the Review, and provide opportunities for the science community to discuss issues arising:

  • a conference was held on 21 March 2011 to discuss the place of science in the National Curriculum;
  • SCORE was invited to sit on the informal advisory group set up to advise the DfE on curriculum content;
  • Individual SCORE organisations have held workshops with their members and other stakeholders to inform their thinking for their own subjects and areas of interest.