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Enhancement and Enrichment

The issue

All schools should have access to high quality provision of enrichment and enhancement (E&E) activities to support their school science curriculum. 

Policy advice    

SCORE believes that enrichment and enhancement activities should be treated separately. Enrichment activities 'enrich' the school curriculum. Enhancement activities offer students experiences beyond the school curriculum.

SCORE member organisations are committed to taking an evidence-based approach to science education policy, including enrichment and enhancement activities.

SCORE member organisations, and others, should consider the evidence for the likely (or actual) effectiveness of both enrichment and enhancement activities prior to agreeing to fund, or contributing in kind resources, to such activities.

Funders and organisations offering enrichment or enhancement activities should ensure that their activities are quality assured. Various quality assurance mechanisms exist, such as the Learning Outside the Classroom initiative. Further work should be carried out developing appropriate quality assurance of enrichment and/or enhancement activities. SCORE member organisations would also welcome a longitudinal study on the impact of E&E to provide an evidence based approach to policy.

SCORE member organisations are committed to sharing evidence of the effectiveness of their enrichment and/or enhancement activities with each other, and with the wider community (for example through Collective Memories).

Engagement with the science community 

Working with ACME and the Royal Academy of Engineering, together with DfE, SCORE has supported the development and production of a series of three STEM Directories. These provide teachers with an easy to use reference that contains details of leading enrichment and enhancement opportunities across the country.