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SCORE publishes its review of the 2008 GCSE science examinations

15 July 2009

On Wednesday 15th July at 2pm, SCORE published its report on the 2008 GCSE science papers. The scope of the report was kept to specific areas - accuracy of the science, mathematics, How Science Works, question type and knowledge required. The report found much that was positive about the examinations, but also raised some concerns, leading to recommendations that SCORE is encouraging the Government to act upon. 

The report was made publicly available on this website from the time it was presented to the education community and was therefore freely available to the media to report on. Further information and comment was offered to members of the press.

SCORE is committed to ensuring the highest standards of science education and, in the case of examinations, working with all involved in their development and delivery to ensure that they reflect the aptitude of the students. SCORE is confident that this report, and its longer term work, will provide valuable advice and support to all those involved in optimising the production and assessment of science examinations.