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A-level reform

SCORE statement on Ofqual's consultation on A-level reform

SCORE welcomes the announcement from Ofqual about their consultation on A-level reform, including the proposal that higher education should be more involved in A-level design. We also welcome Ofqual's recognition that learned societies are important stakeholders in the education system and have a valuable role to play in the development of A-level content and assessment. SCORE believes that the best way to secure the appropriate expert input for A-level design is the formation of national subject committees in each subject. Higher Education is a diverse sector and it would be almost impossible to put in place a common standard for the sciences without a national body overseeing the process. For the sciences, the Society of Biology, Royal Society of Chemistry and Institute of Physics are best placed to convene these committees, pulling together the expertise from HE, teachers, industry and other related professional bodies.

SCORE has published a position on A-level reform outlining the principles for the reform of A-level design; this can be found here.