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GCSE science 2008 review

15 July 2009, Royal Society

About the seminar

The SCORE partnership held a seminar to launch its report on the GCSE Science 2008 examinations. The report investigated how the different examination papers in 2008 assessed particular aspects of GCSE science. The seminar gave delegates an overview of the main findings of the report and also an overview of the Ofqual report which investigated the validity and reliability of different assessments in science at GCSE.


Welcome and introduction (Anthony Tomei, Director, Nuffield Foundation)

SCORE report on 2008 GCSE Science Examinations (Colin Osborne, Consultant)

Ofqual report on the 2008 GCSE Science Examinations (Cath Jadhav, Head of Qualifications Monitoring)

Discussion sessions on mathematics in GCSE Science and How Science Works