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Assessment of practical work in science

16 November 2009, Royal Society

About the seminar

With the new GCSE Science specifications being introduced in 2011, SCORE partners felt it was timely to explore the impact that the assessment of practical work has on teaching and learning. By bringing together the various stakeholders involved such as the awarding bodies, teachers and policy advisers, this seminar aimed to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a range of assessment tools currently in use. 


Chair - Annette Smith, CEO Association for Science education

A brief history of the assessment of practical work in the UK - Martin Hollins, Education Consultant

Series of short presentations from teachers offering the schools' perspective of practical assessment:

John Charlesworth (Head of Science and Joint Director of Study, Sibford School)

Kris Stutchbury (Subject Leader for Science, OU PGCE)

Marian Mulcahy (Biology and Physics teacher, Longsands College)