This website is no longer being updated, but all our publications and documents are still available to read. Please visit our own websites for up-to-date news about our science education policy activities.

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SCORE is a partnership of science organisations. It aims to improve science education in schools and colleges in England by supporting the development and implementation of effective education policy.

It is currently chaired by Professor Julia Buckingham.

SCORE priorities

The SCORE committee works on these priority areas of 5-19 education:

  • Curriculum

  • Qualifications and assessment

  • The school and college workforce

  • The wider learning experience

  SCORE believes that:

  • All young people in all schools, should be entitled to study a broad range of science up to the age of 16, including biology, chemistry and physics
  • The National Curriculum for science should include a requirement for pupils to be taught about the nature and process of science
  • Science is a practical subject and school science departments need to be properly and safely equipped
  • The qualifications system needs further reform
  • All secondary schools and colleges should have specialist teachers in biology, chemistry and physics
  • Encouraging the development of subject specialists in primary schools.

The SCORE committee

The SCORE committee meets eight times a year to discuss key issues on science education and identify common policy areas to work together on. SCORE provides advice to Government, its agencies and other organisations on the issues outlined above.

The member organisations undertake collaborative projects to inform their policy advice, conduct joint studies, develop common evaluation procedures and share best practice. SCORE also seeks to engage the wider science community in the issues in science education, through conferences, calls for evidence, task and finish groups, workshops and regular news bulletins.

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SCORE was established in 2006 to bring organisations together to tackle long-term issues such as: the decline in numbers of young people taking A-level physics and chemistry and the unacceptable shortage of specialist teachers in these subjects. The SCORE member organisations are the Association for Science Education, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Biology. The Science Council was also a founding partner of SCORE.

The member organisations believe that the key to maximising their impact on Government lies in a greater degree of collaboration.